Jewelry, The Original Fashion Statement

Dating back to ancient times, jewelry represents beauty, personality, and love.  Made from natural, terrestrial materials, jewelry is often integral to celebrations of joy and commitment. 

Designed from precious metals like gold and silver, and brilliant gemstones in every color of the spectrum, jewelry symbolizes the richness of life's experiences.



Representative of protection and tributes to the bonds of friendship, bracelets are meaningful expressions of purpose and affection.  From bangled, beaded, or braided, you can't go wrong buying a bracelet from Fords.


The perfect pairing for lonely lobes,  earrings are for every day.  Classic pearl studs, gold hoops, and one-of-a-kind dangling drops of diamonds are all available to experience at Fords Jewelers.

Necklaces & Pendants

Like a centerpiece arranged on a lavish table, a necklace is a focal point decorating the décolletage.  Ropes of solid gold or delicate gemstones that dangle in the wind show the world your savvy style.


Rings aren't just for marriage.  Experience the shimmer and sparkle right at your fingertips.  Make a statement with a gift for yourself, or commemorate an anniversary with a ring from Fords.

Jewelry & Watch Repairs

With Jewelry and Watch Repair Specialists on premises,  know that your jewelry both new and in need of repair is in good hands. We do 99% of all repairs right in store, so you don’t have to worry about treasured pieces leaving our hands.

Appraisals & Trades

When the time comes that a piece of jewelry has run its course in your life or no longer fits your needs, bring it to Fords as a trusted resource for appraisals. Luck may just have it that you find something new while you visit, and while we don’t offer direct jewelry or gold buying, we are happy to offer trades towards the purchase of a new piece.

Financing & Insurance

There’s no need for your jewelry buying experience to be stressful. We offer insurance and replacement services, along with financing through Wells Fargo, allowing six months of interest free financing to qualified buyers.

Create A One Of A Kind Piece

We can work with you to create a custom design to fit your exact needs.



"One of the last independent Jewelers around. Service with a smile, also a great gift selection for the holidays.."

- George B