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Community is our Legacy

Fords knows the importance of not only living in an area, but being involved in the area. Community is far more than just a place where you live or work; it is the heart of the way of life for us. Being a part of the community is a priority for us, having been born and brought up in Edison and Fords, NJ. When our neighbors need help, we want to be the ones who are there for them.

Fords takes pride in being a part of organizations and charities that help those who need it the most, in their very own community. We are active with Toys for Tots and other local charities during Christmastime. Fords doesn’t only help the Tots, but help out local Little Leagues and other Youth Sports Sponsors. Fords may be on the home front, but we appreciate our Military members as our true local heroes. We are involved in the local churches, the business community, and the Chamber of Commerce. When you do business with Fords, we promise that you are working with a local business, who is involved in our very own community.

While affiliated with the Devils, we were proud to host events that provided the opportunity for members of our community to meet members of the team and receive autographs. On more than one occasion, the line stretched so far down the block that the street would be shut down.